Sailfishing in Costa Rica

Sailfishing In Costa Rica: An Unforgettable Adventure

Fishing expeditions off the shores of Costa Rica can be an experience of a lifetime. The warm waters here are widely viewed as having some of the world’s best sport fishing. There’s an array of species of fish that can be found in the waters in and around Costa Rica all through the year. If you are planning a destination fishing vacation, you should definitely consider a Sailfishing adventure in Costa Rica.

The Sailfish is a highly prized, large game fish. This amazing fish can grow up to nine feet in length and weigh as much as 200 pounds. Sailfish are easily identified by their “sail,” or erectile dorsal fin, which typically spans the entire length of their backs. Most commonly seen in shades of blue and gray, they can appear in a range of colors from browns to purples or even silvers. A nervous system function allows them to change colors almost instantly to confuse their prey. Swimming at speeds of up to 50 knots, the Sailfish is one of the fastest fish in the ocean. This species is well known for its astonishing jumps, making the sport of Sailfishing in Costa Rica that much more exciting. The size, agility and speed of this fish make it one of the most exhilarating targets in Costa Rica.

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Sailfish are plentiful in the area all year round, but their numbers peak in December through May. Fishing excursion companies report, each day, catching between five and 25 Sailfish per day during the peak season. The abundance of this game fish all year has made it one of the most popular targets for fishing expeditions off the coast of Costa Rica.

When considering locations for your next destination fishing vacation, keep this Central American adventure in mind! The challenge of Sailfishing in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience that you will talk about for years to come. Call +506 8695 3969  or fill out our simple contact form online to learn more about the Sailfishing packages available at Pacific Fishing Costa Rica.